Acanthocereus Tetragonus – Fairy Castle Cactus


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Acanthocereus Tetragonus, common names are Fairy Castle Cactus, Night-blooming cereus, triangle cactus. The name Acantho comes from the Greek word akantha meaning “thorn”. This is good to remember when handling this cactus. Fairy Castle Cactus is a wonderful succulent for beginners; it’s slow-growing cactus with many mid-green branches and branchlets that resemble the turrets of a castle.

Light :

Prefers bright sun light, place Fairy Castle Cactus in a bright sunny location that is away from drafts or air conditioning.

Water :

Fairy cactus prefers watering low for the rainy season, moderate for winter, more than moderate for a summer.

Soil :

Fairy cactus requires well drained soil; it will grow best in a good cactus potting soil.

Fertilizer :

Fertilize with a good cactus fertilizer in spring when growth resumes.


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