Aloe Juvenna – Tiger Tooth Aloe


Aloe Juvenna, commonly called Tiger Tooth Aloe, it’s grown as a popular house plant. Tiger Tooth plant has the signature aloe coloring –bright green mottled with white. If left outside during the summer, the leaves will darken to reddish – bronze.

Aloe Juvenna is an unusual succulent with thick stems reaching up to 2’ feet long. The stems are covered in triangular leaves and tipped with a spiky rosette.

Water :

Water them sparingly. Once every week or two, when the soil is completely dry is best.

Light :

Tiger Tooth Aloe grows best in full sun or partial shade in warm, dry regions.

Soil :

Juvenna wants well-drained soil.

Fertilizer :

Add a small amount of fertilizer to the new pots to encourage them to resume growth.


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