Betel leaf


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Betel leaf plant is a creeper developed in India; it belongs to pepper family. Its waxy green, heart-molded leaves are utilized for medicinal and culinary purposes

It’s a lasting herb, which can also be developed in containers and hanging pots. You can develop it from cuttings and root division. Betel leaf flourishes well in pots.

Betel Leaf – Planting and care

Use the well drained potting mix to plant it such that water will empty out of it rapidly.

Pick a less blustery spot with partial shade for planting.

Daylight: It flourishes well in a hot and moist condition in partial shade.

Soil: Betel leaf prefers marginally acidic, sandy-loamy and daintily clammy soil yet not water logged. Utilize the all around depleted preparing blend to plant it such that water will empty out of it rapidly.

Water: Regular watering.

Temperature: 40 degrees C.

Fertilizer: Apply any natural compost.

Periodic encouraging in each couple of month in developing period of the plant with nitrogen-rich natural compost like fertilizer or manure is prescribed.


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