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Gerbera Daisy


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Gerbera Daisy commonly known as African daisy, are bright, colourful flowers that are commonly planted in gardens as bedding plants or in containers. They are native to South Africa, are members of the aster family, and are also related to sunflowers and marigold. Gerbera daisies come in a vibrant colors – Bright pink, snow white, sunny yellow and ruby red are just a few of the gorgeous colors that these happy flowers boast. They have satin looking petals that surround a distinct centre. Gerbera daisy blooms are perfect gift for any occasion. The gerbera variety holds an added meaning of cheerfulness, which is attributed to their variety of colors. Gerbera produce flowers from late spring through autumn in the garden and their blooms make long-lasting cut flowers. Gerbera daisies make for a wonderful plant in the garden or as a houseplant.

The Gerbera currently ranks as the 5th most popular flower in the world. Gerbera suitable for indoors as well as outdoors.

Light :

Gerbera prefers direct morning sunlight and afternoon shade. If the gerbera is placed indoors, make sure to place next to a window.

Water :

Use general rule of thumb is top of the soil and the crown of the plant to dry before the next watering.

Soil :

Good soil drainage is important for growing gerberas because excessive moisture can damage rot.

Fertilizer :

Fertilize your gerberas every other week during the spring and summer flowering period.



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