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Croton (Codiaeum variegatum pictum)


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 Croton is a tropical lasting that is ideal for developing inside as a rich, beautiful houseplants with colorful foliage to decorate your inner or outer space.

If you prefer a dash of colour in your home, the Croton is a plant for you. With its bright red and yellow leaves, this plant helps with conversations and with an element of sturdy, easy-to-grow beauty.

Not only that, but this plant is also great at fighting off air pollutants within the house including that pesky Particulate Matter.

The small plant will slowly grow and survive temperatures across India with little difficulty since it is an indigenous plant to the subcontinent.

Placement: In a bright naturally lit room, the more indirect light the plant receives, the deeper the hues of the leaves.

Watering:  When the soil feels dry to touch.

Soil: Well-draining and well-nourished soil, which should be given organic compost regularly.



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