Cryptanthus Neon – Earth Star Plant


Cryptanthus Neon, more commonly known as Earth Stars due to their shape, is beautiful and incredibly varied plants that naturally grow in tropical areas. Cryptanthus genus, with a great variety of foliage. Their colours range from dark green to bright pink to red and can be banded, spotted, solid, or virtually any other pattern.

Cryptanthus Neon are particularly beloved their beautiful blooms – different species of bloom at different times of the year, but each produces flowers upon maturity that can be used as pleasant foliage, and the parent plant produces offset that will themselves bloom. Earth Star plants are very feasible option for any gardener either indoors or in a tropical setting, who wishes to enjoy their lovely and diverse foliage.

Light :

Cryptanthus prefers full sun, partial sun, at least 4 to 6 hrs of sunlight per day.

Water :

Cryptanthus neon needs watering they must be kept damp for best growth. It should never be allowed to totally dry out.

Soil :

It prefers mixture of sand and soil mix or potting soil also fine.

Fertilizer  :

Apply any organic fertilizer. Occasionally feeding in every couple of month in the growing season of the plant with a nitrogen-rich organic like manure or compost is recommended.


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