Euphorbia Tirucalli – Pencil Tree


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Euphorbia Tirucalli is known by many names like Indian Tree Spurge, Naked Lady, Pencil Cactus, African Milk Bush, Finger Euphorbia, Petroleum Plant, Firestick Plant and Pencil Tree.

Euphorbia Tirucalli is a striking succulent shrub or small tree that usually grows up to 16.5 feet tall but occasionally may reach up to 33 feet. Stems are fleshy, smooth, green and cylindrical; the leaves are small and slender. Flowers are yellow, inconspicuous and carried in clusters at the apex of the short branches or in the angles of the branches. They appear during the cooler months of the year.

Pencil Trees are very easy to care and also require a little pampering to become established, they are self-sufficient.

Light :

Pencil Tree requires lots of sunlight.

Water :

Euphorbia Tirucalli prefers watering Low for the rainy season, Moderate for winter, more than moderate for a summer.

It needs weekly watering during the summer. Water whenever the soil is dry several inches below the surface. Water deeply, but don’t let them sit in wet soil, which can cause root rot.

Soil :

Euphorbia Tirucalli needs a fast-draining medium such as cactus potting mix soil works for best results.

Fertilizer :

To encourage Pencil tree growth, feed with organic cactus fertilizer.


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