Graptoveria Douglas Huth

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Graptoveria Douglas Huth is commonly known as Chinese lantern, is a stem less, clump-forming succulent, with rosettes of thick gray-green leaves. This is fantastic Graptoveria with a really nice form and interesting colours. In full sun it turns vibrant pink and in shade it turns bluish.

Graptoveria care is similar to those for most succulents. Container-bound plants thrive in a mixture of peat, sand or other grit, topsoil and a little bit of compost.

Light :

Graptoveria need full sun is the best situation but they will also grow in partial sun with slightly rangy results.

Water :

Graptoveria prefers excellent drainage and infrequent water.

Soil :

It requires well-draining cactus and succulent soil.

Fertilizer :

This plant prefers any organic fertilizer or succulent fertilizer.


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