Graptoveria Opalina


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Graptoveria Opalina commonly known as Mexican Snowball and native to Madagascar.

Graptoveria Opalina is an attractive and durable succulent plant that produces clusters of tight rosettes, with thick, smooth, tall, pale blue-green leaves that have a hint of pink tones on the leaf tips and margins when grown in bright light. Graptoveria Opalina is a great addition to rock gardens or hanging baskets. As it grows, it spreads out as a small shrub, easy-to-grow.

Succulents have the amazing ability to store water in the tissues of their leaves for much longer time frames than other plants. This makes them very self sufficient plants that are easy to grow and maintain. Succulents propagate easily too, so it’s difficult to run out of succulents once you start them.

Light :

Plant in an area of your garden that gets 6 hrs of sunlight a day. If planting indoors, place in a room that gets a lot of sunlight. It prefers full sun to partial sun position.

Water :

Water regularly during the summer, letting them dry between watering. Decrease watering during the winter months.

Soil :

Graptoveria requires porous soil with good drainage.

Fertilizer :

Fertilize once during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer.


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