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The jade tree plant, or Crassula ovata, is native to the Capetown space of South Africa. The jade tree plant is a component of a plant classification referred to as succulents. The jade plant has thick, glossy, deep green, oval shaped leaves and thick, brown stems.

The Jade tree is a great low-maintenance Bonsai choice. The Jade can be set outside in warm temperatures (over 50 degrees F.) but is best developed inside where it can get a lot of normal daylight.

  • The jade plant is an evergreen bright plant with its thick branches
  • This jade plant is supposed to produce positive vibrations that will bring prosperity to owner of the house or business
  • It has thick and shiny smooth leaves with opposing pairs
  • Presence of jade in house or offices is auspicious
  • It reflects vibrant, well rooted energy
  • Flowering jade plant reflects well on the owner and symbolizes great friendship, luck and prosperity

Watering :

Jade plants do not need much watering. The optimum watering cycle in the summer is around ten to twenty days between watering. In the winter, the cycle extends to around thirty days. Overwatering can lead to limb breakage. Jade plants grow best in full sunlight to partial shade. Less is more as far as watering jade plants is concerned.

Fertilizer :

Fertilizing a Bonsai is essential to its health because the nutrients in the soil leave very quickly with the water. When new growth appears in the spring it’s time to start feeding your bonsai. The Jade needs a balanced fertilizer for vigorous growth. Use an organic liquid fertilizer or a chemical fertilizer diluted to one half strength. Fertilize every two weeks during the growing season and once a month in the winter.

Repotting :

You should repot your Jade every two years in the spring using a basic soil mix. A good rule of thumb for repotting your Jade is if you can remove the root/soil ball in one piece and it’s the same shape of the pot, it’s time. After repotting, water thoroughly and place Jade in a shady location for several weeks so new roots can grow.


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