Lady Palm (Rhapis Excelsa)


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Lady Palm is an extraordinary indoor house plant. The fan-like fronds are a shiny, polished green when sound. Lady Palms will endure lower light than numerous different palms, settling on it a good decision for indoor or office.

This small indoor palm is able to fight off most air pollutants. Despite being slow growing, the palm can reach up to 6 feet if not clipped regularly.

The palm regularly blooms with yellow flowers adding that special feeling of colour and joy to your home.

It is a great air purifier to grow indoors and to fight off toxins and common pollutants that come from outside your house. The plant is able to withstand extreme temperatures and the roots tend to grow downwards.

Placement: Indoors, near a window or near a partially shaded area.

Watering: Chemical-free watering once the bottom of the pot feels dry. Avoid all excessive water.

Soil: Arid, acidic soil is best suited for this plant, which drains extremely well. Mixing the soil with sand tends to do the trick usually.


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