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Money Plant (Golden Pothos)

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Money plant (Golden Pothos) is one of the best feng shui plant because it produces positive energy flow that attracts good luck and wealth. This plant should be placed in front of sharp corner or angle to help reduce anxiety, stress and negative thoughts. Money plant shoot should be pointing upwards for well-being and prosperity.

The position of this plant is south-east corner of your living room.

Golden Pothos is an effective for removing chemicals from the air.

It cleanses the air and the energy in the environment.

It is advisable to place one near TV, computer as it can soak up the harmful radiations from the electronic devices.

It reduces anxiety and stress and makes it a pleasant environment at home.

Be sure to keep the Golden pothos indoor and never place it outside.

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    Addgreens provide plants with a quality pot , it is really nice and pricing also very reasonable.

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