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Poinsettia – Red


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The poinsettia plant is native to Central America. The poinsettia serves as a decorative element everywhere from beautiful churches to the porches of homes. In order to keep its bright and cheery appearance the poinsettia must be given proper care.

It is particularly well known for its red and green foliage and is widely used in Christmas floral.

Bold and beautiful, the poinsettia plant (Euphorbia pulcherrima) has bright petals that contain small flowers of green and yellow at the center. Poinsettias come in a range of colors from white to orange, but are most popular in their red variety.

Poinsettia care begins with proper light, water, and temperature conditions. During the holidays, while in full bloom, they typically enjoy semi-cool, humid locations in bright, indirect light with plenty of moisture.


  • Poinsettia plants should be watered thoroughly; taking care not to drown them by ensuring adequate drainage is available.
  • Water the poinsettia when the pot becomes lightweight or when the soil becomes dry to the touch
  • Water the plant thoroughly in a sink, letting it drain



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