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Rubber Plant


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Rubber Plant, formally Ficus elastica is a family of Moraceae. The Rubber fig, rubber plant (tree), Indian rubber bush, is a species of plant in the fig genus. Rubber plant is a popular ornamental plant, easy to maintain and keep alive.

Ficus elastica having many varieties grown successfully in indoors, which includes

Ficus elastica decora – it has shiny leather type leaves which grow to a foot long.

Ficus elastica robusta – It has larger leaves than decora.

Ficus elastica black prince or burgundy – It has near black reddish leaves.

Start out younger rubber house plant with broad shiny attractive leaves and it grow to impressive heights above 3ft it looks great standing near door entrance ,window corners, tv areas it adds beautiful environment in your indoor space.

Proper Care :

  • With any plant, the correct balance of water and light is important.
  • Rubber plant needs bright light but prefers indirect light that isn’t too hot. Its semi-shade plant.
  • You will have to adjust the watering frequency according to your growing conditions.
  • In growing season like summer, the plant should be kept moist. This is best trick to wipe off the leaves of your houseplant with a moist material or spritz it with water.
  • During the dormant season, it may requires water once or twice a month. If the leaves begin to droop, but not fall off which indicates the plant need for more water.
  • Fertilize your rubber plant during the growing season only, as is typical with most indoor plants.
  • Use a good organic potting soil is preferred.

Rubber plant improves air quality by converting exhaled carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen.

This plant releases the extra oxygen into the air through the leaves. Ficus elastic is a best air purifying plant.
















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